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Pandora's Tower Teaser Site Opens

Nintendo's new mystery Wii title comes out this Spring.


Nintendo has a mysterious new Wii game in development. CEO Satoru Iwata announced "Pandora's Tower" during a financial briefing today. A teaser site was later opened for the game.

The game's full name is "Pandora no Tou: Kimi no Moto e Kaeru Made," or roughly "Pandora's Tower: Until I Return To Your Side."

The site opens with a girl's voice saying something along the lines of (this probably isn't a very poetic translation, so apologies in advance!): "Dying and becoming beautiful, or living though ugly. Which will make you happier?"

A release is planned for the Spring, according to the site.

Some people have scanned the site and stumbled upon some mysterious text and a fuller version of the tattoo girl. Have a look here:

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