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3DS Memo, Friend List and Other Features Detailed

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata highlights the system's utility functions.


During an investors briefing earlier today, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata provided a preview of the 3DS's built in utility software: Game Memo, Friend List, Notification Applet and Internet Browser.

You access these kinds of features by pressing the "HOME" button. This pauses your current game and puts you in the system's main interface screen. Icons for the four apps are at the top of the system's bottom screen, shown circled in this screen:

Game Memo lets you write notes on the bottom screen while viewing the current game screen on the top screen. The top screen can be made to show both the lower and upper screens from the game, or just one of the screens. Your memos can be saved to SD card as an image.

Friend List lets you see which of your friends is online and what they're playing. To acquire all the information, the 3DS will automatically synchs up with Nintendo's servers when you're in the range of a Wi-Fi access point and you're playing a 3DS game. For those concerned about privacy, the system has controls that let you prevent your current online and game status from being known.

The system's notification LED (on the right hinge above the face buttons) will flash orange when one of your friends comes online.

The Notification Applet shows information about Spot Pass and Street Pass transfers. You don't have to actually access the list to see when you have new content, though. When you get something new, the Applet's icon on the Home menu will change. Additionally, the software that has received the new content will be marked with a special icon.

Spot Pass and Street Pass transfers while your system is in Sleep Mode will make the notification LED flash.

Iwata didn't share any details about the system's internet browser. However, he did confirm that it will be added to the system via a May firmware update.

You can see videos of these features at Nintendo's investor relations page.

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