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Multiplayer Catherine: First Look

Take control of sheep dudes in a race up the tower of blocks.

Midnight Venus, host of the Golden Theater show, introduces main character Vincent, whose last name appears to be Brooks.

If you've played the Catherine demo on either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you've experienced the game's action puzzle component in single player. The final version of the game will also have two player versions of these parts.

Have a first look at multiplayer Catherine here, courtesy of Famitsu.com:

Colosseum Mode
Babel Mode

Catherine can be played multiplayer in its Babel and Colosseum modes. Babel, playable both solo and multiplayer, has four stages which can be unlocked as achievements when playing the game's Golden Theater story mode on normal difficulty. This mode is compatible with online rankings, so you'll be able to show off your block climbing skills. Colosseum mode is strictly two player. You can unlock it by clearing Golden Theater mode once.

Details on the game's multiplayer mode surfaced in Famitsu earlier in the week, and I provided a summary here. It appears that I forgot to mention one tiny point. As shown in the screens, during Colosseum Mode, instead of controlling Vincent, you control sheep dudes.

Famitsu.com also has a look at some of the online features that were detailed in our earlier preview, see the Famitsu.com story.

One of Catherine's online bits allows you to see how other players have responded to certain questions.

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