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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Party Battles, MogWeb, Quest Creation and More

Details on a few of the new elements for the upcoming PSP sequel.


There's a whole lot more to Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy than just fighting as your favorite Final Fantasy characters. For the PSP sequel, Square Enix has added a bunch of new modes that will expand the play experience even further. Weekly Famitsu and Famitsu.com have details on three of these: Party Battle, MogWeb, and Original Quests.


The new Original Quest mode lets you create customized quests. You can give your creations a name and add multiple battles and between-battle events.

Quest creation (left) and an original quest (right).

Battles can be chosen to be round-based or elimination style. You can specify precise conditions for victory -- things like "win within 3 minutes," for instance. You can also create original rules, making it easier to build up your EX gauge and increasing critical hit rates, for instance. These original rules, incidentally, can be applied outside of the Original Quest mode.

For events, you can set the background, background music, and even choose character icons for dialogue boxes. Some of the icons shown in Famitsu look like the original Final Fantasy sprite art. The magazine suggests attempting to recreate scenarios from the original source material.

You have access to a Test Play button from the edit screen, so seeing how well your creation works should be easy.


MogWeb is tied into quest creation in that it can be used to download and upload quests. You can search for user uploaded quests by popularity or arrival order. You can also choose to exchange quests with a particular friend by first exchanging the 12 digit friend code that's visible at the bottom of the MogWeb interface screen. By publishing your friend code online, other players will be able to search for your quests and download them.

The MogWeb interface also shows options for "Net Surechigai" (tag mode) and "My Page." The former allows you to do tag mode style data exchanges via the internet -- useful for those who probably won't be passing by other players any time soon. You can do up to four exchanges per day.

The Original Quest mode creation interface has an "Edit Lock" option. I'm assuming this allows you to lock off your creation from being edited by players who download it through MogWeb.


Party Battle is a free battle mode where you form a five member party and face off against another five member party. You can set each of your characters with a job, which changes their abilities. These types of party battles will also appear in the game's story mode at times.

In an interview with Famitsu this week (posted at Famitsu.com as well), director Mitsunori Takahashi said that Party Battle was implemented with the goal of allowing players to create their dream party combinations. You can even give your creation a name, he noted. Your "Friend Card" player data card can have this party attached to it.


Joining all these gameplay details are looks at Aerith, Warrior of Light, Garland, Frioniel, The Emperor and Cain Highwind. We put up the Aerith details earlier. We also shared some of the character details, but there's a recap anyway.

The magazine shows the third form costumes for the characters. Warrior of Light looks like a knight job costume from Final Fantasy. Garland's and Frioniel's are based off their Yoshitaka Amano illustrations. The Emperor gets his third form from the CG movies in PlayStation's Final Fantasy II remake. Cain has his Final Fantasy IV The After costume.

The characters have added moves. Warrior of Light has Ultimate Shield, a new ground-based HP attack where he tosses his shield forward, dealing repeated damage if it strikes. Garland's new move is Flare, an air-based HP attack that strikes your opponent with your sword while releasing an explosion. The Emperor has a new HP attack called "Melancholia Cage," which places magic about the stage like mines. Frionel's new HP attack, "Road of Arms," attacks the opponent with a blade that crawls through the ground.

Road of Arms (left), Melancholia Cage (center) and Flare (right).

Visit Famitsu.com for looks at all these areas of Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy.

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