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Level-5 CEO Debuts New Ni no Kuni PS3 Footage

Plus, secret design documents show Inazuma Eleven 3DS!


Level-5 CEO Akihrio Hino is a Top Runner. To find out what that means, see this story.

The long and the short: new PS3 Ni no Kuni footage Yeah!

Watch a five minute clip from yesterday's broadcast of Top Runner on NHK for some delicious footage of real time Studio Ghibli running on PS3.

The announcer says that Hino wants to let players experience the feeling of being in a Studio Ghibli movie. The girl trying out the game and being totally blown away by the ability to switch into first person view to look around at the surroundings is actress Rena Tanaka.

During the conversation scene between Oliver and his mother, Hino goes into the debug screen to take control of the camera in order to prove to everyone that it's a real time scene. Hino said that they're currently looking into if they should give players the ability to change the camera angles freely during the drama scenes in the final version.

Tanaka asks Hino why he decided to make the PS3 version. Hino responded the game was made at the level of a movie, so they wanted to be able to deliver it closer to the state of a movie.

Where the Xbox 360 at?

A couple of other revelations from the show:

Hino apparently said that he only sleeps 3 to 5 hours a day.

Hino also shared what some seem to think are screens of 3DS's Inazuma Eleven 4:

The overlayed text says "a meeting about movement for the characters in the new Inazuma Eleven." It looks like the images show plans for the main menu, specifications calling for a 15 point font size and B to make you return to the mini map. The icons in the screens are temporary.

[Seen at Hachimaki.]

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