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Konami Shares AOU Lineup

Latest bemani games joined by Love Plus.


The latest hilariously named Bemani games lead Konami's lineup for February's AOU 2011 arcade expo. But there's also a bit of love in the mix.

Here's what the company will be showing:

Listed as video games:

  • jubeat copious
  • GuitarFreaksXG2 Groove to Live
  • DrumManiaXG2 Groove to Live
  • HELLO! Pop'n Music
  • Love Plus Arcade Colorful Clip
  • Quiz Magic Academy 8
  • Mahjong Fight Club Ultimate Version
  • Boku no Densha (My Train)

Medal and prize games include:

  • Anima Lotta
  • Love Plus Medal Happy Daily Life
  • Millionet
  • Million Keeper
  • Dekstop Arcade Collection 2nd

You can keep up with Konami's AOU lineup at the company's special AOU page.

AOU will be held on the February 18 and 19 at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba. The first day is press and invite only. The second day opens up to the public.

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