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Dynasty Warriors Goes Social

Upcoming social mobile title to have limited connectivity with Dynasty Warriors 7.

Scene from Dynasty Warriors 7.

The latest popular gaming franchise to go social is the Dynasty Warriors series. Tecmo Koei announced today One Million Person Dynasty Warriors, a social game for the popular GREE social mobile gaming service.

One Million Person Dynasty Warriors is set in the Dynasty Warriors world. Players play as a general and attempt to expand their kingdom by communicating with other players.

Famous historical generals appear as partner characters. As you work through a scenario that surrounds Sangokushi, you'll gain access to more generals as well as additional materials for creating new weapons.

The game's social aspect will involve forming guilds with other players, teaming up for battle, and even facing off as enemies on the battle field.

In a move that Tecmo Koei says is a first, One Million Person Dynasty Warriors will have connectivity with PlayStation 3's upcoming Dynasty Warriors 7. By inputting a serial number that's included with Dynasty Warriors 7, you'll be able to unlock a rare weapon in the GREE title.

One Million Person Dynasty Warriors will see a closed beta test in March, with official service set to begin in the Spring. As with all GREE games, basic play will be free.

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