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Direct Feed Final Fantasy Versus XIII Screens

A few cinema and battle scenes from Tetsuya Nomura's take on the Fabula Nova Crystallis series.


Hot off the presses... err, that is to say, taken from Famitsu.com... direct feed screens of Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

First, our hero Noctis. Famitsu says that the game's story shows how Noctis attains some sort of new power and faces off against the invading Niflheim people (thanks for the name correction, takotchi!).

In the below screen, we see a mysterious character wielding a gun at Noctis' father.

Next up, a battle scene showing Noctis and a couple of his buddies. Battles will have a total of three members, one of whom is Noctis.

Outside of the Magic, Item, Summon and EX Arts of the command palette to the left, and the bars labeled "EX," "MP" and "HP," some of the text looks like it's been intentionally blurred out.

Finally, a city battle scene showing your character in a mech. Famitsu notes that battles in Versus XIII are full of such gimmicks like mechs and tanks.

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