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Imageepoch Goes HD Next Year

Developer says HD JRPG now in production for release in the fall to winter.

Scene from the PC browser version of Chevalier Saga Tactics. If a PS3 version comes out this year, it would technically be Imageepoch's first HD title. What form the PS3 version will take has yet to be fully clarified.

Imageepoch is a giant amongst JRPG makers, but they've still yet to make an HD game. That's going to change at the very least by some time next year.

CEO Ryoei Mikage made a Twitter post today saying that he'd met with a large game company to show off a prototype of some form. The prototype was apparently approved, and so Imageepoch will be moving into full production on the game. This game is a JRPG for an HD system (or possibly systems) and will be released between Fall and Winter of next year.

Late last year, Imageepoch announced its initial lineup of titles as a publisher. This included a PS3 version of a game called Chevalier Saga Tactics, a game that appears to be set first for release on PCs as a browser game. What form the PS3 version will take has yet to be specified, but it's presumably not the game Mikage was talking about in his Tweet since the PS3 version has already been formally announced.

Imageepoch also announced last year that it was working as developer on a title that would be published by Sega. The name and platform was not announced. As this mystery Sega title is due for release this year, it's also not likely the game Mikage was talking about in his Tweets.

Given that Mikage said he was meeting with a large game company regarding the new game, it seems likely that this new project will be Imageepoch acting in a developer role. However, he also said in the same Tweet that the company could end up splitting the investment required for the new game, so it's also possible that the meeting concerned this and Imageepoch will be publishing on its own.

We'll have to wait for more details from Mikage. He posts quite a bit at his Twitter, so don't be too surprised if something pops up.

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