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Close Look at Dokidoki Suikoden's Cosplay Component

Official site for PSP's April Fool's day joke cosplay sim opens.


As reported last week, Irem is reviving an old April Fool's joke called Dokidoki Suikoden as an actual PSP game. Read all about it here.

The newly opened Dokidoki Suikoden official site lists the game as a "cosplay simultaion." As detailed last week, the game has lots of costumes for your love targets -- over 200, including 30 types of socks and underwear.

Visit the site's cosplay page to sample what it's like to change the girls' clothes. More cosplay parts will be added at the site over time.

Dokidoki Suikoden doesn't really have much to do wih that old April Fool's Day joke. But there is one definite connection. The character designer for the PSP title is listed as Muri Arimatsu, the same person who designed all the characters for the joke version. Arimatsu has a personal site here.

You can see some of Armiatsu's 4 frame manga at Irem's 4 frame manga site. This includes some Dokidoki Suikoden manga.

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