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Akiba's Trip: Strip Enemies of Their Clothing

Combat system details for Acquire's Akihabara-based vampire game. Plus, the "Little Sister System" revealed!

Akiba's Trip takes place in Tokyo electronics capital Akihabara. Acquire gained the cooperation of retailers, so many of the shops you see are real.

The puns just keep on coming for Akiba's Trip. Is it a game about a trip to Akihabara? Is it a game set around Akiba's main strip? Is it a game about stripping evil vampires of their clothing, thus exposing them sunlight and making them burn back to the depths of hell from whence they came?

Yes, yes and yes!

Your main enemies in Akiba's Trip are vampires known as "Kageyashi." I don't know if they actually came from hell or anything, but they walk the streets of Tokyo's electronics capital amongst the common folk.

The kageyashi are fully clothed, like most (most!) people in Akihabara. The clothing protects them from their one weakness: sunlight. If you do figure out which people are actually kageyashi, you can kill them off by beating them up until you open up a chance for you to execute "Strip Action." This makes the kageyashi clothing fall off, exposing them to the sun which burns them up.

Clothing destruction aside, the combat system in Akiba's Trip seems to be pretty complex. You can target enemies for positional damage, and make use of combos and special attacks. You can also use a variety of weapons.

With all that power at your hands, you may think that you can defeat the kageyashi without stripping them of their dignity. Unfortunately, the kageyashi have the ability to recover, so the only way to finish them off for good is with the Strip Actions.

I'm not sure if this qualifies as irony or not (what's the word for reverse irony?) but the unnamed character you control is a secret cosplayer. What this means in the game is that you'll be able to customize your character freely with over 350 items that include accessories, weapons, upper and lower clothing and head pieces.

Akiba's Trip also has the "Little Sister System." Your little sister appears in your house. If you clear certain conditions, which apparently involve money, she'll provide support and will even... err... change her clothes for you.


Incidentally, none of the information you're reading here is officially official. It appears in a listing at online retailer Happinet Online. These retail listings are usually based off materials from publishers, so expect to get official word on Strip Actions and the Little Sister system shortly.

Akiba's Trip, Acquire's second self-published title (they're usually just a developer), will see PSP release on April 14.

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