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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition's Figure Collection Component Detailed

Exchange Game Coins to obtain new figures for use in Street Pass battles.


Capcom has finally shared specifics on Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition's Figure Collection mode. This mode represents the game's implementation of Street Pass, the 3DS's version of DS's tag mode, where your system will transfer data with other 3DS systems when it's in a sleep state.

When playing the game's standard fighting modes, including bouts against the CPU, you get Figure Points for each round you win. You can use these points to play Figure Slots, a slot machine that returns figures.

In these screens, the player starts the Figure Slot machine rolling by pressing PUSH on the bottom screen, then stops it with STOP. The resulting figure is Sakura:

Playing Figure Slots.

In addition to fighting, Figure Points can be obtained by exchanging your 3DS's Game Coins. Game Coins are a system-level feature. They accumulate as you walk around with your 3DS in your pocket. Based off screenshots, it looks like a single Game Coin is worth a couple of hundred Figure Points.

Swapping Game Coins for Figure Points.

If gambling isn't your thing, you can also obtain figures via Figure Trade. Here, you connect to friends via wireless and trade your figures. You can check your figures stats ahead of time, of course.

Figure Trade.

Figures that you've managed to collect can be viewed in your Figure Album area. You can select to view the figure close up, and also see its parameters, such things as HP, level and AT.

In the screenshots below, you'll notice that each character has multiple figure slots. Their various figures vary in level. Higher levels are considered rare. (It's unclear based off Capcom's description at the official site if the figures are visually different).

The Figure Album viewing mode.

The real fun of the game's figure component comes in its Simulation Battle mode. This uses Street Pass to pit your figures against figures of players you pass by on the street in automated battles.

The Simulation Battles require a bit of set up. You have to initially create a team of five figures who will represent you in the battles. When adding up the level of all your team members, the total level has to be 20 or less. Once you've created a team, you can distribute a preset quantity of points between your figures' Power, Defense and Speed parameters. These points add to the values that are set in advance from the figure's level.

Setting up a team or the simulation battles.

After setting up your team like this, you're all good to go! On the 3DS, Street Pass is a system-level feature, so you won't need to keep Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition loaded up to take part in figure-based simulation battles with strangers.

Joining the figure component details, the Super Street Fighter IV official site was updated with a new blog post. This post is the third look at the differences between the arcade and home versions of Super SFIV, complete with neat comparison images like this:

Visit the blog post for more images and some very specific details.

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