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Monster Hunter Celebrity Felynes: Satoshi Inoue Edition

Japan's biggest celebrity Monster Hunter fan shares his felyne alter ego with the world.


The second Monster Hunter Portable 3rd celebrity Felyne hits on Friday, the 4th. Following Haruma Miuchi's Peko, Capcom is tapping Monster Hunter fanatic Satoshi Inoue for "ue.".

Peko was a level 12 Felyne. Ue. is level 20 and is much stronger.

Inoue is known for having logged over 2,500 hours in Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G play, a fact Capcom often made note of during Monster Hunter promotions. His hunter name is ino. and his favorite weapon is Gunlance.

In a statement sent out by Capcom today, Inoue said ue. is like his alter ego and he always takes him out on quests. Now you can too!

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