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Super Monkey Ball 3D's Monkey Fight Mode

One of three modes of play in Sega's post launch 3DS title.


Let's check out Super Monkey Ball 3D's Monkey Fight mode!


Monkey Fight mode is one of the three modes of play in Sega's launch window 3DS title (the other two are Monkey Ball and Monkey Race). In this mode, you and your opponent monkeys attempt to collect as many bananas as possible within a limited time. In addition to picking up bananas from the ground, you'll need to punch and perform other attacks to steal bananas from your friends.

All characters have access to a "Banana Shake" move, which shakes the bananas from an opponent (although you end up dropping some too!).

A "Golden Barrel" will appear at random points during the match. You're supposed to hit this thing over and over again. The monkey to get the exact tenth hit will be able to make use of a special move


During Monkey Fight mode, If you fall off the field of play, you'll lose lots of bananas and find yourself on the deck of a ship far away from the battle field. You'll have to put yourself in a barrel and use your monkey canon to fly back to the fight.


Here are a few of the monkeys you can use during Monkey Fight mode:


Now let's check out Monkey Ball mode's Banana Nightmare stage!


The Banana Nightmare stage is actually called "Bananightmare," but the pun may or may not carry over so well into English. The theme of the stage is horror. You'll find monkey ghosts, pots of boiling poison goo, and other such spooky background elements.

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