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First Dark Souls Screens

Get a look at the spiritual sequel to Demon's Souls


Coinciding with coverage in its print counterpart Weekly Famitsu, Famitsu.com has posted a screenshot-filled preview of Dark Souls. Visit the site for lots of screens and artwork.

UPDATE 9:42 -- Namco Bandai's US offices have shared full resolution screens and art. You'll find Famitsu.com's preview details below, but see the full size shots here.

Dark Souls is a spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed PlayStation 3 action RPG Demon's Souls. In development at From Software under the direction of Miyazaki Hidetaka, the game will see Japanese PS3 release in 2011. Overseas, Namco Bandai will be handling publishing duties and has the game set for 2011 release on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

The Famitsu.com article offers some basic, broad-level details about the game.

In Dark Souls, you control a player-created character and face off against enemies who are always in pursuit of you. Character creation starts with a base character to which you add equipment, set a name, create a face and so-forth.

During combat, you'll need to take consideration of your environment. In narrow passages, you may not be able to swing a sword or long weapon, as it will strike the walls. You'll also need to defend against incoming attacks by determining when to use your shield or flee.

Exploration aspects have been greatly improved from Demon's Souls. The world is now seamlessly connected. You can go anywhere. However, you won't have access to a full map, with the game instead providing just a "positional marker" for guidance (the screenshots unfortunately don't provide a look at the interface so we can't see what this means exactly).

The basic story is short, listed at Famitsu.com as just a four line passage. It describes a continuing darkness, with mention of a "cursed seal" that appears amongst humans.

Also in the Famitsu.com story, you'll see a few monster illustrations, from left to right in the article: White Dragon, Egg Bearer and Undead Knight (these are just my translations -- the official English names will probably differ).

You'll find a few additional details, including some talk of network play here. Visit Famitsu.com for more screens.

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