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Tales of Xillia Screenshots

A look a Alvin, the prologue, character-specific moves, and map actions.


Namco Bandai has sent out some super duper high res screenshots of Tales of Xillia, showing off Alvin, the game's prologue, and personal skills for each of the three known characters.

We already shared the details late last month. View this story as you take a look at the images below.


Kosuke Fujima's second Xillia character is a skilled mercenary of 182 centimeters height.


Main characters Jude and Milla meet each other and Alvin early on in the game.


Character's have character-specific moves: Concentrated Evasion for Jude, Magi for Milla and Charge for Alvin.


Press circle to perform special map actions on the fields, useful for climbing up and down ledges and crawling through low passages.

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