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Macross Triangle Frontier: Academy Mode Screens and Details

Get caught up on the new PSP title just ahead of release.


PSP'S latest Macross game hits retail today. Here's a look at a few additional features from Macross Triangle Frontier to hold you over in the couple of hours until shops open their doors.

Make sure you read all our past coverage first to make sure you've got the basics down!


During the game's Academy Mode, you build up your main character's parameters while experiencing campus life. You set out activities for your character and friends on a weekly basis.

Based off the previous week's activities, you'll get "character boosts," for the current week. These include such things as "Lose More HP But Gain More Experience" and "Increase Rate of Success For Activities."

Character boosts are shown as character icons in the lower right of the screen.


You'll find over 1,000 events in Academy Mode. These cover such wide ranging categories as your school's culture festival, sports meets, and Valentines. During the events, you'll meet characters from the Macross series, and original characters too.

These screens show just a few of the events. The four at the top are original character encounters.


During Academy Mode, you'll be able to make choices that will change your route through the scenario. You'll be able to join up in the S.M.S. forces in one route, or go non-military in another route. The game has some hidden routes too. One example is the "Festival Route," which has heroine Sheryl enter the school earlier than expected, leading to special events.


I'm not sure if the pronounciation is "Nyannyan" or not, but the Nyannyan shop is where you go to trade the Nyannyan points that you gather in the game for new fighters, characters and items.


Triangle Frontier's gallery mode lets you see illustrations of of machines and characters and freely listen to the background music. You can also view replays of battles that you've saved. This mode is compatible with "tate" tall mode, allowing you to get the maximum detail out of art.




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