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Princess Frontier Portable Has a Couple of New Features

Once you've read the article, I think you'll see what I did there.


I already wrote more than I should be writing about Princess Frontier Portable back in December. But I'll write another article today because Alchemist shared details on two new features for the PSP version.

And here they are:

First up, is the Ryuune character, shown above. This mysterious girl appears when you follow a particular route through the game. While she's not new for the PSP version, her voice is. She's now fully voiced, with Shizuka Ito doing the honors.

Wikipedia tells me that Ito was the voice of the older sister and tsundare wife types in My Wife.

The second new feature concerns Arue, one of the game's heroines. Arue has a new route which wasn't in the PC version. This was penned by AXL and Story Works and includes the newly added characters.

When you go searching for Princess Frontier Portable at retail on April 7, be sure and look for a box with the following art, which was drawn by illustrator Hisashi Senomoto.

The PSP version has lots more new features, including new heroine Monica, new sub character Wilma, more scenarios, more CG (that's what they call the still artwork shown above) and new opening and ending theme songs. For more details, visit the official site.


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