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Your Oh So Beautiful Catherine Bonus Soundtrack

You've seen the lovely jacket, now see what's on the inside!


We were already made aware of how beautiful the Catherine bonus soundtrack and artbook jacket is. In case you've forgotten here it is:

That's hand drawn artwork from art director Shigenori Soejima, by the way. In a recent Gemaga interview, Soejima said that different from the game's packaging, which used CG, he went the hand drawn route for the bonus soundtrack jacket and the retail bonus items.

Today, Soejima updated the Catherine official blog with a look at what's inside the jacket:

The actual soundtrack part of the bonus has a total of 11 songs. They're all classic arrangements that are used in the game's nightmare scenes.

In the blog post, Soejima joked that hand drawn artwork of Catherine may be rare, as due to this being the first HD game from Atlus, they have have been emphasizing 3DCG artwork.

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