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Konami Sees Slight Earnings Drop

Metal Gear and Winning Eleven top performers as usual.


Konami saw slight drops in sales and earnings for the first nine months of the fiscal year (April 2010 to December 2010). Compared to the same period the previous year, total sales were down from 190.9 billion yen to 188.8 billion. Operating income was down from 17.1 billion yen to 16.5 billion.

In the company's Digital Entertainment business, which covers video games, sales were down from 100.4 billion yen to 97.9 billion. Operating income was down from 16.4 billion yen to 13.0 billion.

In its earnings report that was issued today, Konami said that Winning Eleven 2011 and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker were well received by the market.

It did not provide solid sales figures, but we can make a few guesses thanks to the usual genre-by-genre shipment breakdown that accompanied the report.

Soccer games saw 6.56 million unit sales over the nine months, down somewhat from the 6.96 million of last year. The "Metal Gear" category saw shipments of 1.68 million units, up from the 0.65 million of last year.

Presumably due to Winning Eleven, Europe was Konami's strongest territory, accounting for 6.6 million unit software sales. Japan trailed just slightly at 6.53 million, with the Americas at 5.05 million.

Overall software shipments were up for the period from 15.53 million last year to 18.49 million.

Platform percentages were mostly inline with last year. PS3 was still Konami's biggest platform, grabbing 28% of unit sales. PSP and Wii swapped places, with PSP grabbing 21% and Wii 16%.

Konami's list of upcoming titles.

You can see all of Konami's earnings info in this PDF file and at Konami's corporate website.

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