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Namco Bandai Earnings Up On Strong AKB1/48 and God Eater Sales

Titles company had hoped to build into franchises underperformed.

AKB1/48 is a PSP idol simulation that features the 48 members of girl band AKB48.

Namco Bandai had mixed results to report in its third quarter earnings report today. While some major titles performed below expectations, domestic releases like God Eater Burst and AKB1/48 helped boost earnings.

For the nine months through December 2010, Namco Bandai saw sales of 288,030 million yen, up 1.8% from the same period the year prior. Operating earnings increased 253% to 16,616 million yen.

Looking just at its contents business, which covers home and arcade video games, domestic sales of AKB1/48 and God Eater Burst helped offset lower-than-expected performance by games that the company had hoped to turn into overseas-focused franchises. In arcades, Gundam Extreme VS and popular character prize goods helped reverse fortunes.

Tekken 6 was the company's biggest game, with 1.08 million units in the US. God Eater Burst sold 460,000 units in Japan alone, and Gundam Musou 3 sold 430,000, also in Japan.

Total software unit sales reached 13,801,000 units. PS3 made up for 3,703,000 sales, with DS trailing closely behind it.

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