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Midnight Venus Introduces Catherine in Latest Trailer

One more look at the Persona team's adult taste horror game for HD systems.


Risque retail displays aren't the only way Atlus is promoting Catherine. Today, the company shared the latest trailer. Famitsu.com delivered the clip in advance, so have a look there or stream it here:

The trailer begins with the opening animation that you might recognize from the recent demo. This sequence is meant to be the introduction to "Golden Theater," a play on a late night movie show. Catherine's story mode is set up like a Golden Theater broadcast hosted by Midnight Venus, the girl with the giant red afro which appears to be animated with true physics.

Midnight Venus kicks off the night's Golden Theater broadcast by asking viewers if they've heard rumors that those who see a nightmare where they're falling and don't wake up immediately, they'll die in real life. She then introduces the stars of the upcoming feature presentation -- that's right, Catherine!

The introduction is followed by plenty of new gameplay footage, including our first look inside of the bathroom of the Stray Sheep Bar:

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