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Trinity Zill O'll Zero DLC 8 Now Available

Plus, who won the Trinity illustration contest?


We've got two bits of Trinity Zill O'll Zero news today. For players outside of Japan who are just tuning in, this is the PS3 RPG that will be released in the English speaking world (well, the parts of it that count at least) under the equally peculiar name of Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll on the 8th.

First up, the game's latest download content. DLC round 8 includes add-on dungeon 4, Hazama no Tou, and add-on scenarios 14 and 15, respectively Youhei Taichou no Shimei and Maboroshi no Hihou wo Oe. All this content is free.

The second bit of Trinity news concerns a recent illustration contest Tecmo Koei held through Nico Nico's image sharing site Nico Nico Seiga. The contest had people create Trinity-themed illustrations in two categories: "free illustration" and under the theme of "bonds."

Here are the winner (free at top, bonds at bottom):

For the runners up, see the Nico Nico contest page.

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