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Valkyria Chronicles Nendoroids Come with Bonus Missions

Figures for heroines Riela and Imca on the way in June and July.


Sega and Good Smile Company are teaming up to release a couple of Nendoroid figures based off Valkyria Chronicles 3. Figures for heroines Riela and Imca will be released through Good Smile Company respectively in June and July. Pricing has yet to be announced.

GSC shared design images for the figures:

You'll get more than just a figure if you opt for the Riela Nendoroid. Sega is packing in a product code for a mission called Nikitousen. This mission features Riela and Imca in a fight against an invading Calamity Raven force. The two heroines will need to defend the city on their own until reinforcements arrive. Defeat the enemy ace during the mission, and you'll receive a powerful weapon.

The download code will only be included with the Riela Nendoroid. The Imca figure will not have a bonus.

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