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Nippon Ichi Unveils First 3DS Title

Summer release has appearances from Disgaea characters.


Nippon Ichi has finally taken the veil off Bikkuriman, a 3DS title that appeared out of nowhere in a Nintendo release chart last month.

The game's full name is Bikkuriman Kanjuku Haou Sanmi Douran Sensouki. The name "Bikkuriman Kanjuku" may be familiar, as it's the name of a chocolate snack line developed by Lotte and Nippon Ichi and released in August of last year. The snacks include character stickers, which buyers can use to play a competitive kanji-themed game.

The 3DS title is based off that kanji-themed game. While specifics haven't been announced, it seems that players can expect to learn kanji as they play.

The stickers that are included with the snacks have characters like Etna and Laharl from Nippon Ichi's various titles. Laharl is confirmed to be in the 3DS game. Will other characters follow?

Bikkuriman's 3DS debut is set for this summer.

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