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Sega Readying First Wi-Fi Ready Virtual Console Game

Puyo Puyo to be playable online.

Puyo Puyo's VCA version will have online play.

Sega has dubbed today, February 4, Puyo Puyo day. It's a pun.

To commemorate the big day, Sega made all sorts of Puyo Puyo related announcements. Most notable is the announcement of a Wii Virtual Console Arcade release for the classic 1992 Puyo Puyo arcade game.

The big deal with this particular Virtual Console release is that it will support Wi-Fi competitive play. Players will be able to battle one-another in online matches. As Inside Games notes, this is the first Virtual Console game to have Wi-Fi support.

The VCA version of Puyo Puyo will be released this Spring, priced 800 Wii Points.

The other Puyo Puyo announcements for the day included a character illustration contest, to be held at the Nico Nico Seiga image sharing site, and an original goods drawing.

Screens from Puyo Puyo.

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