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Kim Jong-il Cut From Japanese Homefront Intro

Spike alters upcoming FPS to comply with CERO guidelines involving existing people and places.


Homefront is making its way to Japan courtesy of Spike, and it's remaining largely in tact. Largely, but not completely. Spike is making a few changes to the game based off guidelines from the CERO ratings board.

The changes are focused on CERO's guidelines regarding the portrayal of existing people and countries. As Homefront depicts an invasion of America by North Korea, something was bound to give in this area.

Spike lists three changes at the Homefront official site:

  • In one live action sequence in the game's opening movie that depicts North Korean leader Kim Jong-il as having died, the image of Kim Jong-il has been removed.
  • In scenes that have been deemed malicious to an existing country, said country is now referred to as "A Certain Country to the North."
  • In scenes that have been deemed malicious to an existing person, said person is now referred to as "Northern Leader."

Spike managed to get through this whole notice without using the name "North Korea" once!

Outside of the above changes, Spike says that Homefront remains exact to its overseas counterpart.

Have a look at two different Homefront trailers, one with Great Leader, and one without:



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