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This Bayonetta Figure Costs $2000

Latest figures shown at Wonder Festival.


As seen at Gigazine:

This Bayonetta figure, on display in the Kyoto Craft House Mr. Big booth at the weekend's Wonder Festival 2011 event, will run you ¥180,000. It apparently took the makers two months to make.

Also at Gigazine, this Ayane figure with removable upper body armor.

The Ayane figure runs ¥150,000. Visit Gigazine for a bunch more pics.

In other Wonder Festival figure news:

A Nendoroid figure for Atelier Totori's Totori character, as captured at Hobby Stock.

Totori wasn't the big news for Atelier fans, though. It looks like Rorona will be getting her very own figure at some point:

The Hobby Stock story has pics of figures for Valkyria Chronicles 3, Disgaea and more. And, of course, Love Plus:

Not all Love Plus figure attempts were as successful as these:

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