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French-Bread Unveils New Fighter and Melty Blood Update Plans

New fighter being developed in high res. Melty Blood to get new characters soon.


The folks behind Melty Blood are going high tech for their new fighter. Ecole Software used Sunday's "Hydra GP Winter Festival 2011" tournament at the Club Sega arcade in Akihabara to unveil French-Bread's new 2D fighter, Under Night In-Birth.

This arcade title is an all original fighting game featuring characters with such names as Hyde, Linne, Waldstein, and Carmine. According to French-Bread's Nobuya Narita, who gave a presentation at the event, the game is being developed as the next fighting game after Melty Blood to have a light novel and mystery taste.

The game makes use of a standard joystick and four button control system, but ups the resolution from Melty Blood's archaic 640x480 to 1280x720. That's right -- it's wide screen. This is actually the first question that was asked of Narita during a Q&A session at today's event.

Development on Under Night In-Birth is currently at 30 to 40%. The game will be playable at September's JAMMA Amusement Machine Show and is planned for release this Winter. Joking that next year's winter could run through May or June, Narita said that the target is actually before the end of the year.

Poster for Under Night In-Birth.

French-Bread isn't done with Melty Blood yet. An upcoming free update to the game's Current Code version will add a new character, which screenshots shown at the event revealed to be "Powered Ciel." This update will be available this Spring.

Another character will be added in the Summer. Arcade information site Ariesu (which shared the above poster images) also reports that Narita said at the event that French-Bread is considering an HD version of Melty Blood.

Visit 4gamer for pics from the event, including a glimpse at Under Night In-Birth and Powered Ciel.

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