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This Week's Mega Flying Get [Update 2/9 13:15]

The latest magazine leaks are occurring, passively.


Welcome to this week's issue of Flying Get, the weekly column where we "get" all the information that "flies" out magazines like Dengeki and Famitsu and Jump in advance. This week's issue is inspired by this image of Final Fantasy Versus XIII heroine Stella's back before she took a shower.

(Even though the article is inspired by the Versus XIII heroine, don't expect any Versus XIII information for many, many months.)

Flying Get is "Mega" this week because there should be a Dengeki and a Famitsu and a Jump this week, leaving the potential for a "mega" amounts of leaks.

As always, unverified info, yadda, yadda, yadda...

ADDED 2/9 13:02

76% of People Want an NGP

Famitsu has a big user survey regarding NGP this week. Some of the results have leaked out, so here's a look.

76.2% of those surveyed say that they want an NGP. 7.9% say they don't. The remaining 15.9% aren't sure.

42.5% of those surveyed expect the system to cost below 30,000 yen. Other popular answers were below 25,000 yen and below 35,000 yen.

50.5% of those surveyed said the system's design has appeal.

When asked what feature they're most looking for with the NGP, the most popular response was console-level graphics. Coming in just behind in second was the system's dual analogue stick setup.

These last two are somewhat related. When asked what third party they most want on NGP, Capcom was the most popular response, besting Konami, then Square Enix, then Sega, then Namco Bandai. When asked what series they most want on the NGP, Monster Hunter was first, followed by Metal Gear Solid, then Final Fantasy, then Tales, then Kingdom Hearts.

Toshihiro Nagoshi is Big on NGP

Yakuza series chief Toshihiro Nagoshi appears to have a favorable opinion of NGP. Interviewed in this week's Famitsu, he said that the system's 3G support is a big feature. Additionally, he commented that he wanted to watch television on the system's five inch screen.

At Sony's NGP unveiling conference a couple of weeks back, Nagoshi's development team showed off a real time event scene from Yakuza Of the End running on NGP. In Famitsu, he stressed that this was not a faked movie, but a realtime demo using actual game data. They ported the basic program and shaders that run on the high end PS3 to the NGP in a short period. He feels that they could have improved the visual quality even further if they'd been given more time.

Idolmaster 2's Stage For You Mode

A new mode has been revealed for Idolmaster 2 just a couple of weeks before the game's release. Famitsu has first details on the game's new "Stage For You" mode, a mode that lets you freely create stage performances. The resulting videos using these performances can be uploaded to Xbox Live.

ADDED 2/9 11:35

Tales of the Abyss Detailed

A few first details on Tales of The Abyss 3DS courtesy of Famitsu's big four page spread:

  • Characters, backgrounds and other art elements have seen little in the way of changes from the PS2 original.
  • Load times have been improved.
  • The game doesn't delete any of the character voice.
  • The 3DS version is based off the PS2's US version, meaning it will have some elements that are new for Japanese players.
  • There are new elements as well, but they're taking care to not to add too much,
  • The game will have pretty much the same feel of play control as the PS2 version.
  • Events are wide screen, battles are 3D.

ADDED 2/9 11:00

Inazuma Eleven 3DS is Go Go Go!

The name for the 3DS version of Inazuma Eleven 3DS isn't Inazuma Eleven 4, but Inazuma Eleven Go.

I assumed they'd be saving that one for Inazuma Eleven 5.

Coro Coro Comics apparently reveals the final name this week. The magazine also lists Wii's Inazuma Eleven Strikers for April 28 release.

Catherine Reviewed in Famitsu

It's possible that these are fake, but Famitsu appears to have the following scores this week:

  • Catherine (PS360): 9, 9, 8, 9
  • Tsumiki Bloq (PS3): 7, 7, 6, 8
  • DJ Max Portable 3 (PSP): 8, 7, 7, 7
  • Marvel VS Capcom 3 (PS360): 8, 8, 8, 9
  • Two Worlds II (PS360): 9, 9, 8, 9

I'll update once the scores come from a more reliable source.

ADDED 2/9 8:45

New in Famitsu this week

Famitsu has just one new game of note in its table of contents this week: J.League Let's Make a Pro Soccer Club! 7 Europ Plus from Sega for PSP.

Other games receiving coverage this week include:

  • Catherine (PS3/X360)
  • Yakuza Of the End (PS3)
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Arcade)
  • Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy (PSP)
  • Tales of the Abyss (3DS)

Abyss is one of the feature games, with four pages of coverage, so this hopefully means we'll get some actual details.

ADDED 16:23

More on Dark Souls

A few more bits from Dengeki's interview with Dark Souls' director Hidetaka Miyazaki:

  • It's been two years since development started. The individual data elements have been completed, and from here on out, they will be improving the quality of the play experience. This is the main part, says Miyazaki.
  • They're taking care to make sure the game design isn't just reactive. They want players to observe, learn, invent and strategize.
  • Miyazaki assures that the game won't go gold until he, someone who's not all that great at action games, can clear it.

Dengeki Reviews Marvel vs Capcom 3

Dengeki PlayStation has given Marvel VS. Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds scores of 85, 85, 95 and 70. The person who gave the game a 70 complained that the single player mode is lacking and that the move chart is tough to use. Load times are apparently fast.

The magazine had an even more favorable opinion of LittleBigPlanet 2, awarding it 90, 95, 95 and 95.

Killzone 3 Comes to Shibuya

I don't know why this info leaking out of magazines, but it looks like Sony has a Killzone 3 launch event planned for Shibuya on the 23rd. The event will be attended by comedian Terrence Lee.

Sony is sending Killzone 3 off with a big Shibuya bash, it seems.

ADDED 13:17

New Tales of Xillia Character

The next Tales of Xillia character has been revealed in Jump. Mutsumi Inomata's second character for the game is Leia Roland, a childhood friend of main character Jude. Leia is voiced by Saori Hayami.

So we have male characters Jude and Alvin designed by Kosuke Fujima and female characters Milla and Leia from Mutsumi Inomata. Is this a pattern?

One more character joins the Xillia cast courtesy of Jump this week.

ADDED 12:27

Crafts & Meister Working on NGP

Crafts & Meister, a studio formed by former Street Fighter designer Noritaka Funamizu (yes, he will always be introduced in this fashion) is making a game for Sony's new NGP system.

Dengeki has an interview with Funamizu this week as part of a big feature on NGP. Funamizu reveals that the NGP game his studio is working on is so hardcore that people will wonder if it's okay to release such a game.

He's pleased that the system has buttons and sticks, as he feels that touch screens have limits.

Regarding development, Funamizu says that you can make games that are close to PS3. However, you have to consider how you use memory in order to make games playable without stress.

(About this stress comment, Funamizu could be referring to any number of things. It's tough to say specifically without context, so I'll wait until I've seen a more complete summary of the interview.)

Similar to Hideo Kojima, Funamizu said that he'd like to make a game that has connectivity with PS3, although he admitted that there could be budgeting problems for such a game.

Funamizu expects the NGP's price to be ¥39,800.

Outside of this NGP game, Crafts & Meister is currently working away at Earth Seeker on Wii. The studio is also behind PSP's Star Driver.

ADDED 11:46

Armored Core V in Dengeki

As with Dark Souls, Dengeki has its first report on Armored Core V this week. Most of the info appears to be the same as in the recent Famitsu article.

From Software has indicated that online play is the focus of the game. However, the game will of course be playable for those who cannot connect online. Details about how the game is played for offline players will be announced later.

Dark Souls in Dengeki

Dengeki has its first report on Demon's Souls spiritual successor Dark Souls this week. Here's a bit of what's shared in the magazine:

  • The game will have magic which can change you into "objects." When other players come attacking, you'll want to change into object form to hide.
  • The game will not have voice chat or free chatting, as these features would be minuses as they can potentially take you away from feeling like you're in the story.
  • You'll find that the various weapons have very precise differences in motion. If you get a powerful weapon, the motion will be different from your current weapon, which could take some getting used to. Because of this, they expect that some players will continue to use the weaker weapons that they've gotten used to, and so they're adjusting the game balance so that these players will be able to clear the game.

For Japanese readers, Famitsu.com has posted a complete version of the interview with Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki that appeared in Weekly Famitsu last week.

Dark Souls was fully announced just last week.

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