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Arcade Love Plus Finally Has a Date

Two arcade games arrive later this month.


The wait for Love Plus in arcades will soon be coming to an end. Months after their first location tests, Konami has announced that Love Plus Medal Happy Daily Life and Love Plus Arcade Colorful Clip will make it out to game centers later this month.

Colorful Clip is a mini game collection themed around going out on a date with one of the three Love Plus heroines. The cabinet includes a printer which can print out images to serve as a reminder of your date.

Happy Daily Life is a medal game rather than an actual video game. One of the big attractions is a 3D screen which beams out a 3D image of your girlfriend. Players can touch this 3D image to see a variety of reactions from the girl. The game will also link up with Konami's other medal games. Play a compatible medal game, and the Love Plus girls will appear on that game's screen for conversation.

Both titles will also have connectivity with DS's Love Plus + and 3DS's upcoming "Project Love Plus for Nintendo 3DS." You'll apparently be able to import your data from the two games into the arcade titles. Konami has not yet said how this connectivity will be implemented.

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