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Catherine: On Afros and Post Cards

Another bonus item. Plus, what's hidden in Midnight Venus' giant red afro?


Two small updates at the Catherine official site today.

First up, a close look at the industry's new afro queen, Midnight Venus.

As you might have read here in past updates, Midnight Venus (or is it just Midnight?) is the "story teller" of the Golden Play Theater program that serves as the framework of Catherine's story mode.

According to the official site, Midnight's giant afro is her special feature. The sheep dude on her profile page asks, "What's packed away in the afro?"

Is there really something in there?

Today's other update concerns the game's early buyers' bonus item. Early buyers at select shops will get a set of four post cards.

Note that this bonus is separate from the telephone cards that are included at some retailers and the bonus soundtrack and art book. Yes, Atlus is giving you quite a bit of stuff to buy their game, even though they really don't need to.

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