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God Eater Burst Also Has Soul Calibur and Taiko Drum Master Costumes

Even more Namco Bandai collaborations for latest download content.


The God Eater Burst development blog provided an early look at this week's God Eater Burst download content revealing costumes themed around Tales of Graces' Asbel and Cheria characters.

But the tie-ins go beyond these two characters. The free DLC data pack, which hits on the 10th, also includes Soul Calibur and Taiko Drum Master content.

Here's a look at some of the outfits you can get by clearing certain missions that are included with the DLC:

Tales of Graces F: Asbel and Cheria

Taiko Drum Master Happi and Donkatsu Plate

Soul Calibur's Soul Edge and Soul Calibur Swords

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