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Tales of the Abyss: 3DS VS PS2

See how the classic Tales title has changed.


From Famitsu.com comes these comparison shots showing how the 3DS and PlayStation 2 versions of Tales of the Abyss compare.

3DS version.
PS2 version.

The 3DS is at top. The PS2 is at bottom. The big difference, as far as screenshots can show, is that the 3DS has wide screen output, allowing you to see more of the background room.

Also at Famitsu.com is a first glimpse at the 3DS version's new battle interface. You can issue commands to allies by tapping the bottom screen.

Other points mentioned in the Famitsu.com article:

When you explore the fields of play, a map is shown in the bottom screen allowing you to advance through the large world without getting lost.

In addition to being able to tap the screen to issue commands to allies, the 3DS version's battles have improved because the 3D visuals make it easier to judge distances to enemies.

The 3DS version's new main visual.

Weekly Famitsu has some commentary from producer Makoto Yoshizumi this week, so we may get more details shortly. Visit Famitsu.com for more screens.

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