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Ys III and More Hit PSN Next Week

Side scrolling successor to greatest game ever made shut up it's my site and I'll say whatever I want being released alongside latest SuperGrafx game.


Today's the big day for Capcom on PSN's Game Archives retro gaming service as the publisher releases three classic fighters and one classic Mega Man. But next week, PSN will go even more retro with a bunch of PC Engine/TurboGrafx titles.

Log on to PlayStation Store today, and you'll find the following Capcom PlayStation titles available for ¥600 a pop:

Star Gladiator Episode I Final Crusade
Speedy action fighter with such concepts as "Plasma Combo" and "Plasma Strike."
Vampire Savior EX Edition
Remix of arcade fighters Vampire Savior, Vampire Savior 2 and Vampire Hunter 2, offering 18 characters and "Original Character Mode."
Cyberbots Fullmetal Madness
Fighting game feature character designs from Kinu Nishimura.
Mega Man 4
The first Mega Man game to feature the Eddie sidekick, who brings items to Mega Man.

Joining these four today are the following three non-Capcom games, also available for ¥600 each:

Asuka 120% Excellent Burning Fest. Excellent
An updated version of fighting game Asuka 120%.
First Queen IV
A real time simulation.
Uki Uki Tsuri Tengoku: Kawa Monogatari
A fishing game.

The 16th will see the release of four entries to the PC Engine Archives service. Included in the bunch is the service's latest Super Grafx game (they're quickly running out!).

Langrisser Kouki no Mitsuei
A strategy game whose story surrounds the legendary sword Langrisser (¥800)
Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman 2
Action game that was released as a Hu-Card (part 3 was released on CD-ROM). (¥600)
A side scrolling shooter, and one of a handful of games for the doomed SuperGrafx system. (¥600)
Ys III Wanderers From Ys
A side scrolling action RPG followup to Ys Book I&II. (¥800)

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