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The Last Story Tiger Returns on Soundtrack Cover

Three disc soundtrack features original artwork from Kimihiko Fujisaka.


Guess who's on the cover of The Last Story's soundtrack:

That's right, it's the tiger! If I'm not mistaken, this is the second piece of official artwork showing the tiger. The first was in some early monochrome artwork. A retail poster marked the tiger's triumphant return, but it was the same artwork as the original, only in full color.

Seeing that sexy scene of heroine Kanan with the tiger makes me want to finally pop in my Last Story disc to see how much the tiger actually fits into the game and confirm or debunk my theory that it's a Lady Hawk thing and the tiger is actually how Elza appears during the day so he and Kanan can only meet for fifteen minutes the evening before Kanan turns into a hawk. Just like in the movie!

The Last Story Original Soundtrack spans three CDs. Included amongst the 42 tracks are songs that weren't used in the game. The first print run includes a sleeve case with the above original artwork, which was drawn by character designer Kimihiko Fujisaka.

Look for the soundtrack on February 23, priced ¥3,000.

You'll find a Japanese track list at the Dog Ear Records official site.

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