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First Look at Idolmaster 2's New Stage 4 You Mode

Make your very own stages and put them up in online rankings.


Namco Bandai waited until just before release to announce a major new feature for Idolmaster 2. First revealed in this week's issue of Weekly Famitsu, and also at Famitsu.com today, the game has a new "Stage 4 You!" mode, where you create your very own stages and share them with other players.

The big attraction for this mode is that you can bring together idols as you please, selecting five girls from 765 Productions to star in your dance number. This includes girls who are managed by other producers in the studio. Some of the girls will need to be unlocked.

You can also freely set costumes, accessories and stages. These are obtained during the game's story mode. As you watch your custom stages, you can change camera angle and give instructions to the girls, just as you can during the main game.

While watching your newly created stage, you can take and save full size pics and promo videos. The game allows you to store up to fifty of each. You can upload your PVs so that other producers throughout Japan can see and rank them.

See the new Stage 4 You! mode in action in this new trailer:

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