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Monster Hunter Felynes Get Sexy For Valentines Day

Former Morning Musume star Maki Gotou is the next celebrity Felyne.


The first two Monster Hunter Portable 3rd celebrity Felyne downloads involved Felynes from male celebrities. To commemoratee Valentines Day, the day where girls throughout Japan give chocolates to everyone except me, Capcom is turing up the sexy by infinity plus one.

Our next celebrity Felyne download comes from Maki Gotou (age 25, height 158.8cm, blood type O).

Here's Maki, a former Morning Musume-er:

And here's her Felyne, also Maki, but probably not a former Morning Musume-er:

Given how ball numbingly hot she is, it may surprise you to learn that Maki Gotou is a big time Monster Hunter Player. She's put in over 2,000 hours into the series, even though her first exposure was through Wii's Monster Hunter 3. In comments shared with the press today, Maki said that she's just recently started playing MHP3 and has put in only about 60 hours or so.

Maki's Felyne will be available for download starting February 14 at 13:00.

If I download Maki's Felyne, I could make an impression on her and maybe she'll give me a call or something.

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