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Level-5's Little Battle eXperience Delayed

PSP title pushed back from March to May. Plus, a look at the finishing move system.

Another heavily delayed Level-5 game.

Some bad news from the upcoming issue of Coro Coro Comics. It looks like Level-5 has delayed PSP's Danbol Senki, aka Little Battle eXperience, from its previously announced March 17, 2011 release date. The magazine lists the game with a new May 26 date.

Little Battle eXperience puts you in control of Ban Yamano, a boy who loves to play with his LBX model robots. You'll customize your LBX with parts and lead it in battle against other robots. These battles are fought in mini worlds set inside cardboard boxes.

Level-5 hasn't announced a delay, but with Coro Coro listing the new date, we'll probably hear something shortly.

In addition to the delay, Coro Coro has the latest details on the game, including a look at the super attack system. Your LBX can make use of a "Finishing Move Functions. To use these moves, you build up your "Chance Gauge" by defeating enemies. Fill the gauge up, and you'll be able to select from a set of moves.

The available moves change depending on your equipped weapon. Also, as you gain experience with a particular weapon, you'll gain access to additional moves.

Coro Coro lists the following finishers:

Swing Hammer
Used with a hammer weapon. Attack your enemy by swinging a hammer, sending the enemy flying.
Shooting Star
Used with a lance weapon. Dash instantly at your enemy from afar and strike.
Samidare Giri (maybe "Early Summer Rain Slash")
Used with a sword weapon. Strike your opponent repeatedly.
Bloody Rain
Used with a single handed gun weapon. Ready two guns and spin around while firing, doing damage to your surroundings.
Power Knuckle
Used with a knuckle weapon. Charge up energy, then punch your enemy and release the energy.
Hyper Energy Shot
Used with single handed gun weapon. This releases a slow moving but high powered blast.
Beam Shot
Used with dual handed gun weapon. Shoot out a beam that can blast an enemy from afar.
Midare Uchi (maybe "Disorder Shot")
Used with launcher weapons. A ranged attack that can be effective when you're facing lots of foes.
Omega Explosion
Used with a hammer weapon. Spin around like a wheel and strike your foe.

Your Chance Gauge will deplete in different amounts depending on the strength of the move, so there seems to be a bit of strategy to selecting which move you use.

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