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Celebrate Macross in PlayStation Home

Watch some classic anime episodes and get a sweet SDF-1 personal space item.


Macross's connection with PlayStation Home goes beyond that sweet SDF-1 personal space item, which is totally transformable, like so:

Sony is also holding the "Macross x PS Home Special Campaign. Through this campaign, Home users can view the first two episodes of the various Macross series in Home's theaters for free.

The campaign kicked off on the 3rd and will run through March 16. Visit the PS Home official site or a schedule (hurry up -- the original Macross airing is over!)

This is actually the second time Sony has held this Macross viewing campaign. Similar to the first time, viewers will be able to obtain the giant SDF-1 personal space item as a free present. To get the SDF-1, you'll need to watch six episodes throughout the campaign. After your sixth episode, you'll get the SDF-1 as a Home Reward on the spot.

For those who took part in the campaign the first time but didn't watch enough episodes, your viewing history remains in tact so you'll be able to watch fewer episodes to get the item. For those who did receive the SDF-1 in the first campaign, you won't be able to get it a second time.

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