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Catherine Mode Screens

Is this our final look before Thursday's release?


The latest update at the Catherine official site offers a look at the game's modes of play and online component. We already detailed these areas in past updates (see all our Catherine content here), but now you can see some mid to low resolution screens of it all.


As previously detailed, Catherine has three modes of play: Golden Theater Mode, Babel Mode and Colosseum Mode. The former is the game's main story mode. The other two are action oriented. Babel Mode is a score attack mode that's compatible with online rankings. Colosseum Mode lets you experience competitive stair climbing play.

When playing Golden Theater Mode, you can select from three difficulties. Easy difficulty gives you access to an undo feature which lets you back up your steps during the stair climbing stages. This feature was available in the demo.


Catherine doesn't have direct online gameplay, but there is a bit of online functionality. As mentioned above, Babel Mode is compatible with online score rankings. Also, you can view realtime results from other users when answering questions in the game's Confession Room, which appears to be how you advance from one stage to the next.

Responses to questions are displayed in a graph format.
Unlocking Trophies.

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