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PS3 Gradius Canned

Famitsu lists the long awaited title as being cancelled, again.


One of Konami's earliest announced PlayStation 3 titles was "Gradius." The game, which many presumed to be a new version of the classic shooting franchise, appeared on a long list of over 100 PlayStation 3 title list at the 2005 Tokyo Game Show.

We never found out what PS3 Gradius was, and we never will. Famitsu's release calendar this week notes that the game has been cancelled.

From Gradius Rebirth on Wii.

This is actually the second time Gradius has been marked as cancelled by Famitsu. The last time was in January 2007, and it was joined by "Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball," "New Action Game," and "New Role Playing Game." The magazine quickly printed a correction then. Will we get a correction this time too, or is Gradius PS3 truly over?

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