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Your Andriasang.com Database Pages Are Plus Two Better!

Two new features to help when browsing all the Japanese game releases.


Here are a couple of new features in the Andriasang.com database:

1. New main index page. You can search for games via alphabetic name lists, by latest content updates, and also using a search box.

Games are also shown in recently released and upcoming lists, complete with boxart wherever possible. To see more upcoming and recent releases visit the calendar page.

2. On the database pages themselves, content is now organized by tags. This way, you can easily sort through such things as official site updates, magazine-based info, movies and promotional videos, ads and commercials, blog post summaries, and Twitter bullshit.

I haven't been too diligent about taggint content properly, so most of the content pages are a mess right now. I fixed up the Catherine page a bit since it's coming out tomorrow and will do the same for subsequent releases like Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy soon.

You can view the database in both Japanese and English (see the Japanese version here). However, the name lists are currently available only in Roman and English characters. To search by Japanese characters, use the search box.

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