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Imageepoch CEO: 150,000 In Reach For Final Promise Story

Trying to sell beyond this requires an order of magnitude greater investment.

Imageepoch's first self-published title, Final Promise Story, hits PSP on April 28.

Following The Last Story's release, there's been some discussion about how much it takes for a game to be considered a hit. Here's what Imageepoch CEO Ryoei Mikage has to say on the matter.

In a Twitter post today, Mikage said that he feels Final Promise Story, the first self-published title from the RPG developer, can sell beyond the 100,000 mark. He also believes 150,000 is in reach.

200,000 is like a wall, though. If aiming for above 200,000, costs for development and promotions grow an order of magnitude.

For web-based promotions, Mikage feels that 200,000 is the limit. Beyond this, you have to pay hundreds of millions of yen for television ads, which Mikage refers to as "Nintendo style."

He refers to 100,000 as being a "mini smash hit."

The Final Promise Story bonus booklet and DVD.

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