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New Project Diva Arcade Songs Debut at AOU

Sample latest songs and modules in Sega's booth at this year's big arcade event.


Sega's AOU 2011 lineup still doesn't include any surprises outside of the 3D-ready Let's Go Island 3D (which isn't really a surprise since it already saw a location test over the weekend.

But Project Diva fans in particular will want to make a visit to the Sega booth. The booth will offer an early sampling of Hatsune Miku Project Diva Arcade's latest download content.

On the 24th, Project Diva Arcade will be getting five new songs from Project Diva 2nd, along with new Reactor and Punkish module costumes. The modules and two of the songs will be available in advance at AOU.

You can get a sampling of the songs at Sega's Hatsune Miku Project Diva news page.

Details on Sega's AOU 2011 booth can be found at Sega's event portal page.

You'll find all our AOU 2011 coverage at this index page. We'll have live coverage from the show floor, so be sure and check the page throughout the day (or subscribe to the RSS feed).

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