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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Supports Spot Pass

Capcom apparently attempting to show off every single 3DS feature at launch.


Capcom is turning Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition into a showcase for all the various features Nintendo has packed into the 3DS. We already heard about the game's support for StreetPass. Famitsu mentions in this week's issue that the game will have SpotPass support as well.

Using SpotPass, the 3DS can exchange data with wireless hot spots while your system is in sleep mode (this is different from StreetPass, where the data exchanges are done with other 3DS systems). Famitsu did not say how the mode will be used in Super SFIV.

The magazine also provided a look at the game's Channel Live feature. As previously detailed, this feature lets you watch other players as they fight. When in the vicinity of other players, you can search for a local wireless play lobby. Up to six players can watch a single fight simultaneously. As you watch, you can switch between 3D view and standard view on the fly by tapping the X button.

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