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Tokyo Game Show 2011 Details Finalized

Show to be held in September over a four day period.

Crowds at last year's Tokyo Game Show

CESA announced today final details for this year's Tokyo Game Show.

The 2011 installment of the annual gaming event will be held once again over a four day period, from September 15 through September 18. As always, the first two days will be business only, with the show opening up for the public on the last two days. The event's location will be the usual Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, just outside of Tokyo.

The theme for this year's show is "If your heart dances, it's a game." (This is just a rough translation of CESA's Japanese theme. An official English translation will presumably be announced later).

Details on the show were announced at a press conference in Tokyo today. You can visit Famitsu.com for pictures from the press conference.

Last year, CESA announced that its mid term goals for TGS was to make the largest scale gaming event in the world, and also Asia's number one source for gaming information. These goals continue this year.

CESA will also be holding some of last year's sub events this year, including the Tougeki fighting tournament and the CosPlay@TGS cosplay event.

The show will have new corners, including a "mobile & social game corner," a "game PC & network game corner," a "game device corner" and a "cloud/data center pavilion" area.

Attendance for this year is expected to be around 190,000. The event had record attendance last year with over 200,000.

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