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Latest on Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition

Channel Live, 3D Versus, Spot Pass and more.


Just one week left until Super Street Fighter IV 3D hits retail alongside the 3DS system! Let's take a look at the latest features, courtesy of the recently updated official site and blog.


We detailed this area earlier in the week based off a Famitsu preview. Selectable from the Versus menu, Channel Live lets you view local matches. Up to six players can watch a single match simultaneously. While watching the match, you can toggle between standard and 3D view.


3D Versus is just the name Capcom gives to the game's Versus mode when the player is using the 3D view option. 3D Versus players can take part in matches with Versus players, so it's not entirely clear why Capcom decided to give it a different name and even a special logo!


Famitsu mentioned that Super SFIV 3D Edition will support Spot Pass. The official site says that this will be used to obtain the latest information about the game. What could that mean?


I believe this was mentioned before, but Super SFIV 3D Edition has an achievement system. By clearing certain conditions, you'll get "medals." These can be viewed in the Medal List, selectable from the player data screen.


As previously detailed, you can assign moves to four panels on the touch screen. Using these panels allows players to easily access tough moves. You can even do such wild things as perform a charge-based move like Sonic Boom while walking.

The game will have some other controller customizations besides this. You can assign buttons to simultaneous button presses, throws, taunts, special moves and so forth. Here's a look at the assign screen:

You can also toggle auto guard on and off here.

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