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How Did Yakuza'a Ryuji Goda Get a Gatling Gun For His Arm?

Mystery of new Yakuza somewhat explained. Somewhat.


Amongst the four Yakuza Of the End playable characters, one stands out. Or, at least, a part of him stands out:

That's Ryuji Goda, the once Dragon of Kansai and bitter rival to series hero Kiryu Kazuma in Yakuza 2. How did Goda's arm end up as a gatling gun with infinite ammo? The official site at last has an explanation.

It turns out that Goda requested the gatling gun replacement for his arm. Following the events of past Yakuza games, Goda became the target of people trying to make a power grab and was under constant attack. Hoping for this troubling time to come to an end, he asked an old man named Gun Smith to make the gatling gun arm for him. However, after making the change, Goda wondered to himself who exactly he'd be shooting.

Little did he know that his new high powered arm would become a weapon to fight off zombies as they attack Kamurocho.

Here are some screens of Goda from the official site:

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