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Catherine Difficulty Patch Being Readied

Director responds to complaints that even easy difficulty is too hard.

Has this been happening to you a lot?

Think Catherine's action parts are too hard? The Catherine team has apparently been getting complaints that the game is too difficult even on easy mode. They've gotten so many complaints, in fact, that they'll be addressing the issue with a patch.

Writing at the official blog, director Katsura Hashino says that an upcoming patch will make the game easier to play. Hashino did not provide a date for the free patch.

The reason the game's action parts are so difficult, says Hashino, is that they adjusted the game to make it so that players would feel the thrills of the nightmares and get a feeling of accomplishment. It's also possible that the staff just got too good at the game.

The official site will also address the difficulty through a new "advice" page. This will provide strategies and tips for getting through each stage, limited just to easy mode.

Catherine's nightmare part.

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